Top 5 New Years Resolutions for the Cloud

Written by Eric Sanders

December 28, 2020

Let the countdown to the New Year commence!

There is no doubt 2020 has been a difficult year, but your relationship with the cloud should not have to suffer.  According to Forbes,  businesses will still be learning how to navigate this hybrid work scenario for months to come in 2021 as the term “office” has evolved. Cloud computing has certainly become the centerpiece of the world’s technical response to the COVID-19 crisis.  So, much like your own new year’s resolutions, the Cloud could benefit from a fresh new start in 2021. Here are the eCloud Managed Solutions Top 5 New Years Resolutions for the Cloud.

Coming in at number 5 on our list of top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Cloud is Disaster Recovery. 2020 was exhausting, and we would hate to see it get any worse if your data was compromised while you’re out celebrating NYE.  If the past year showed us anything it is that “expect the unexpected” is perhaps the most important prediction you should follow. Whether we are talking about disaster recovery, rapid response and technology iterations, remote work, or security, the best way to incorporate an all-points foundation is to strategize technology and business processes around a cloud foundation. With the most recent events in Nashville over Christmas, it is paramount that your cloud should have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place for 2021. Your plan objectives should include: Where, When, & How.  Where – Recovery Point in this case a different data center. When – Time of Recovery the actual time it takes to get everything back up and running. How – Do you manage differential data?


Though we all wish we could Backup and Restore parts of 2020, we must shift our focus on the future of more flexible and reliable cloud commerce. Just like your immune system, you need a network that is constantly defending your body (infrastructure) from infections. No one wants to be sick for weeks on end because their support system can’t protect them from vicious (malware) attacks. It’s imperative for a cloud network to have a rapid recovery program to ensure your company can quickly gain back access to desired files or systems. Cloud technology has asserted itself as the de facto standard for backup and restore. With less downtime and quicker recovery, enterprise-ready data protection is requisite to your company’s success. Learn how to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing a global backup infrastructure and let data reassurance guide you to a fruitful 2021.


Does your relationship with the cloud need a little TLC? If you’re suffering from a bitter cloud rapport, the right Migration Strategy might satisfy your sweet tooth.  As more organizations shift their infrastructure and services to the cloud, more are adopting a multi-cloud strategy. According to Forbes in the next 18 months or so, we’ll continue to see a huge acceleration in deploying or migrating databases to the cloud, reaching 75% by 2022. This won’t just mean migrating databases as is, but rethinking the requirements of what’s needed for bringing transformation to the business, which will likely include developing on cloud-native databases and more closely integrating with analytical and ML capabilities.

Replanting your enterprise architecture into a business-appropriate platform is vital to meeting the demands of a rapidly growing market. Cloud migration isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so it shouldn’t be treated as such. Having a clear plan that aligns with your business goals will make for a hassle-free assembly of your cloud environment at a fraction of the cost.


Has your cloud taken on a few pounds in 2020? Don’t stress-this New Years’, we are dedicated to helping you monetize your environment so you can make your 2021 better than your 2020. With cloud technology cementing its dominance in everyday life, and a visible 34.4% increase in public and private cloud spending, the need to economize expenditures is paramount to the future success of your business. Monitored billing responsibilities and unlimited scalability ensure an optimized environment with a solid foundation. If you suffer from a bloated cloud, we can help by consolidating idle resources and legacy applications. Equally, we provide monthly invoicing and thorough inventory management capabilities to improve your cloud spend. For cloud cost optimization tips, leverage eCloud’s experience and reduce your TCO by up to 50%. Learn more about the available funding systems you’re missing out on for better control of your network.


Has 2020 made you feel insecure or put you on edge? Amidst a year of relentless hardship and chaos, security has become an increasingly prevalent risk factor in the cloud enterprise. Though 66% of technology executives have reported data loss as their biggest concern, survey results found that very few cloud-based systems adopted new security measures. Executive idleness to the crisis will continue to fuel this existential threat unless compliant security postures are taken. 

Think of us as your cloud counselor to help with your insecurities. As you take your business to new heights in the new year, we recognize the growing security demands that come with it. We’re here to help with 24×7 monitoring and continuous risk assessments to give you the confidence you need for a more lucrative 2021.

Author: Aimee Sanders, CEO 

We can help you get started with any of your top 5 cloud resolutions for a better 2021!!



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