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Transform your business without disrupting productivity

Are you held back by your infrastructure?

Whichever cloud you’re moving to and whatever your challenge – we can help. We align your business needs and future growth strategy to define a custom hybrid solution that helps you scale.

What we offer

Cloud concierge service with a human touch

We handle the all demands of moving and maintaining your digital infrastructure with scalable solutions and support. eCloud provides a vendor-agnostic consultative approach to helping customers navigate the complexity of identifying applications and workloads to be deployed in a private, public, or hybrid cloud.


Optimize your business agility by using flexible, on-demand scalable solutions. Streamline your business quickly to the cloud with our innovative mapping. 


Migrate to the cloud with confidence while mitigating risk. You can predict cost, reduce risk, and accelerate transformation when you know what you will pay before you begin. 


Rest assured running your business while we run the cloud. We offer a full suite of Day 2 Managed Services (8×50 or 24/7) to ensure easy adoption, knowledge transfer, and CloudFormation templated transfer. 

You can have migration and optimization without disruption.

Fully managed cloud migration and a managed approach to optimization

From discovery and assessment to migration deployment and post-migration optimization eCloud’s highly experienced cloud migration experts will move you to the cloud of your choice faster, with less risk and less cost than any other service provider.

We partner with you to handle all the demands of moving and maintaining your digital infrastructure with scalable solutions and support without disrupting existing ecosystems and productivity.

What makes our solution different?

Rapid Migration

Cloud Funding Programs


True Hybrid Mult-Cloud

Real-Time Monitoring

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We help organizations capture the full potential of the cloud and deliver more value.

Whichever cloud and whatever your challenge – we can help.

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