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We enable organizations to offer their solution in a low-friction, service-centric approach.

SaaS Enablement Practice

As an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner, eCloud Managed Solutions empowers businesses to transition seamlessly to a SaaS model on AWS. Our expertise in aligning business needs with AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure ensures a custom hybrid solution, fostering scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. Transitioning to a SaaS model on AWS not only simplifies software access for your customers but also accelerates your business growth by leveraging AWS’s vast suite of services and our extensive cloud expertise.

Design Service

As an AWS Partner, eCloud has demonstrated expertise at designing, implementing, and integrating AWS infrastructure for SaaS application architectures. Through a collaborative approach, we tailor AWS infrastructure to meet the specific needs of your SaaS applications, ensuring they are robust, scalable, and secure. With our Design Services, the transition to a SaaS model on AWS is streamlined, positioning your business for accelerated growth and enhanced operational efficiency.


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7 R Strategy Process

Application Modernization

Fully managed and supported compliant SaaS solutions

The AWS cloud provides a broad range of resources and tools for organizations at any stage of the SaaS transformation. Leverage AWS best practices and SaaS expertise on your SaaS journey to build your organizational, operational, and technical capabilities.

Fuel Your Expansion

Propel your business growth by transitioning to a SaaS model on AWS with eCloud’s tailored solutions.

Minimize Development Duration

Our seasoned AWS expertise ensures your SaaS architecture is designed accurately from the outset, averting costly adjustments.

Accelerate Go-Live Timelines

Our Design Services are structured to fast-track your SaaS deployment, delivering optimized cloud solutions that align with your goals.

Enhance Profitability Margins

Streamlining operational costs through efficient cloud infrastructure, we help maximize your gross margins as your user base expands.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Partnering with eCloud, you get our SaaS expertise with the power and savings of an enhanced cloud platform & architecture guided by a AWS framework.

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Trusted by leading companies

Case studies of clients who harnessed the power of AWS to accelerate patient care.

New E-commerce Platform Company

By partnering with eCloud, CxOps gained
efficiencies and valuable time to market leveraging our IaC approach.

Healthcare Software Solutions Company

eCloud delivered a cloud solution that is scalable, reliable, and secure to meet Owl Practice’s fast growing business needs.

ProFund Case Study via CIO Review

ProFund teamed up with eCloud to develop, test, and deploy a better AWS infrastructure and services.

What makes our solution different?

Strengthen Security

Build comprehensive automated security into your environment and safeguard your security posture

Reduce Cost

Increase efficiency while reducing traditional staffing costs by utilizing tools that also reduce risk to the business

Maintain Compliance

Raise your security posture to comply with regulations including GDPR, HITRUST, GDPR, ENS High

Automate Reliability

Leverage automated cloud capabilities such as autoscaling, auto healing, and automated failovers

Business Agility

Iterate faster to automate clinical information systems to scale on-demand and improve patient care

Enhance Performance

Improve patient outcomes using cloud efficiencies to build high performing, redundant, self-healing systems

eCloud Managed Solutions Insights Blog

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Looking to SaaS-ify your legacy application?

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