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Many companies face major obstacles when migrating or modernizing their Microsoft Workloads. eCloud can help you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely, and more cost-effectively.

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We offer automation of Microsoft deployments on AWS and we also manage the enterprise migrations from legacy infrastructure taking care of the complexity involved.

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Top 10 Reasons to Run Microsoft Workloads on AWS

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If you’re on a journey to transform your business while driving new value to end-users, team up with eCloud, an AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency Partner.

Broader and Deeper Functionality

AWS offers a far broader selection of services along with much deeper functionality within most of these services than any other cloud provider.

Greater Reliability

AWS offers the best global infrastructure for running workloads that require high availability with 76 Availability Zones (AZ) across 24 Regions.

More Security Capabilities

AWS offers 210 security, compliance, and governance services and key features which is about 40 more than the next largest cloud provider.

Efficiency and performance

The speed you require with stronger security

AWS is consistently has proven to be the best option for running Windows applications, offering greater reliability, broader and deeper functionality, and stronger security. AWS was ranked the top-rated Cloud IaaS market leader (Gartner, 2019) with 442% ROI when running Windows on AWS (IDC, 2019).

2X better performance running Microsoft SQL Server on AWS

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