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eCloud powered by AWS is a growth accelerator for your business

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Securing Your Future

As an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner, eCloud Managed Solutions works with your organization to align your business needs and future growth strategy. With eCloud’s extensive expertise, we work with AWS to define a custom hybrid solution that helps you scale, save cost, and ensure safety, while remaining on the cutting edge of innovation.

Migration and Optimization without Disruption

Fully managed cloud migration and a managed approach to optimization

From discovery and assessment to migration deployment and post-migration optimization eCloud’s highly experienced cloud migration experts will move you faster, with less risk and less cost than any other service provider.

We partner with you to handle all the demands of moving and maintaining your digital infrastructure with scalable solutions and support without disrupting existing ecosystems and productivity.

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eCloud and AWS

What makes our solution different?

Rapid Migration

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Rapid Migration Program

eCloud and AWS ProServe Approved Program



eCloud built a Rapid Migration Program with a fixed-fee, lift-and-shift migration approach.
eCloud and AWS ProServe co-developed this program to leverage MAP funding, accelerate AWS adoption, and reduce client costs, while mitigating migration risk.

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Customers Tell Us


Migrations are risky, expensive, and have an unknown time-to-value


Migrations require a balance between migrating and modernizing


Migrations are difficult to maintain, requiring skills and experience

What we offer

Cloud concierge service with our fixed fee approach

We handle the all demands of moving and maintaining your digital infrastructure with scalable solutions and support onto AWS. 


Customers pay a fixed price for their migration based on the number of servers, not for the duration, in a lift-and-shift migration approach


The prescriptive approach leverages AWS best practices and reduces the number of decisions needed


‘Easy button’ for lift-and-shift migration, freeing up
time and budget for modernization, managed migrations 

Customer Success Case Studies

Case studies of clients who harnessed the power of AWS to accelerate patient care.

New E-commerce Platform Company

By partnering with eCloud, CxOps gained
efficiencies and valuable time to market leveraging our IaC approach.

Healthcare Software Solutions Company

eCloud delivered a cloud solution that is scalable, reliable, and secure to meet Owl Practice’s fast growing business needs.

Global Brand Solutions Company

Phix Solutions partnership with eCloud has provided a scalable, secure and flexible landing zone for growth and innovation.

HIPAA Environment Buildout

eCloud helps prominent healthcare companies optimize, update, and re-engineer their environment to be HIPAA compliant.

Punta Gorda Airport Disaster Recovery Case Study

eCloud demonstrated public cloud and AWS specific expertise with regards to DR architecture/setup, how to meet their RPO and RTO timelines.

Automotive Shop Management Software

eCloud helps leading automotive shop management software company decrease latency by up to 85% on load times.

Global Software Company

eCloud helps a global software company optimize cost, security, and the performance of their existing environment.

Citra Health Solutions

eCloud helps Citra Health Solutions organize and implement their entire migration strategy.

eCloud and AWS to accelerate business
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