AWS Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

From benchtop to bedside, innovate faster to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Increase security and efficiency with the cloud

Innovative AWS cloud-based solutions will not only enhance patient care, lower costs, but also improve overall efficiency.

Compliant solutions that improve the quality of patient care

Ready to increase security and efficiency?
Our customers see up to a 50% reduction in IT-related costs.

What we offer

Fully managed and supported compliant solutions

eCloud offers AWS infrastructure consultancy services that modernize patient care, improve collaboration, comply with complex regulations, and lower costs by simplifying software procurement.

Have confidence in your infrastructure

Strengthen security and compliance with comprehensive tools that monitor environments and safeguard protected health information throughout its lifecycle, from creation to storage and archiving.

Reinvest time and resources

Increase efficiency while reducing traditional staffing costs by utilizing a growing catalog of tools designed to automate clinical information systems and improve patient care, available through pay-as-you-go and other cost-effective models.

Accelerate insights to improve patient outcomes

Turn data into actionable insights by leveraging a range of analytics services and machine learning models to quickly visualize clinical and population health data.

Engage and empower growing patient populations

Optimize patient experiences across the care continuum by easily assimilating data from diverse sources to test, refine, and scale new approaches.


What makes our solutions different?

Partnering with eCloud, you get our healthcare expertise with the power and savings of an enhanced cloud platform & architecture guided by a HIPAA compliant framework with AWS.

Innovate to improve clinical outcomes

Deploy healthcare and life sciences discovery, development, manufacturing, and commercialization workloads.

Establish secure and cost-effective IT operations

Use AWS services and solutions in AWS Marketplace to store, protect, and optimize your data.

Move machine learning from theory to reality

Predict outcomes, identify opportunities, and optimize solutions to meet real-world challenges.
Case Studies

Harnessing the power of AWS to accelerate patient care.

Ready to increase security and efficiency?

Our customers see up to a 50% reduction in IT-related costs.