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Case Studies

New E-commerce Platform Company

By partnering with eCloud, CxOps gained
efficiencies and valuable time to market leveraging our IaC approach.

Healthcare Software Solutions Company

eCloud delivered a cloud solution that is scalable, reliable, and secure to meet Owl Practice’s fast growing business needs.

Global Brand Solutions Company

Phix Solutions partnership with eCloud has provided a scalable, secure and flexible landing zone for growth and innovation.

HIPAA Environment Buildout

eCloud helps prominent healthcare companies optimize, update, and re-engineer their environment to be HIPAA compliant.

Punta Gorda Airport Disaster Recovery Case Study

eCloud demonstrated public cloud and AWS specific expertise with regards to DR architecture/setup, how to meet their RPO and RTO timelines.

Global Software Company

eCloud helps a global software company optimize cost, security, and the performance of their existing environment.

Citra Health Solutions

eCloud helps Citra Health Solutions organize and implement their entire migration strategy.

ProFund Case Study via CIO Review

ProFund teamed up with eCloud to develop, test, and deploy a better AWS infrastructure and services.

Automotive Shop Management Software

eCloud helps leading automotive shop management software company decrease latency by up to 85% on load times.

Biological Supply Ecommerce Company

eCloud helps biological supply company with a more robust cloud solution to handle their extensive online ecommerce database.

White Papers

Healthcare Cloud

Protecting Data and Medical Devices in Healthcare

Cloud Center of Excellence

What is a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and why should you have one?