Financial Service Industry

eCloud empowers organizations to modernize their infrastructure to meet rapidly changing customer behaviors.

Drive business growth by harnessing data and innovation

eCloud Managed Solutions provides financial services institutions across banking, private equity, cannabis clearinghouses, and insurance, so private firms can host their mission-critical applications in the cloud rapidly and efficiently.

Build with confidence on the most secure, compliant, resilient cloud

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eCloud Managed Solutions helps organizations disclose the promise of the public cloud to accelerate the pace of alteration without compromising security and compliance.

Our financial service offerings are integrated via a shared responsibility model across all parties to promote a seamless transition to the cloud. Banks and other financial organizations spend less time demonstrating compliance and more time delivering high-performing services to stay contentious on a national and global scale. Cloud customers can access controls from our cloud providers that have been tested and validated by third-party auditors across ISO, PCI, SOC, and other certifications. Implementing infrastructure as code allows our Financial Services security and compliance experts to delineate scalable cloud platforms to complement your organization’s security objectives to meet narrow regulatory requirements.

What we offer

Fully managed and resilient solutions

eCloud offers secure, resilient, and compliant global cloud infrastructure and professional services for financial institutions can deploy on a public cloud to distinguish themselves from competitors on a sustainable, long-term basis.

Secure & Compliant

Confidently building on the most secure, compliant, and resilient cloud providers on the market


Warranting a transparent public cloud ecosystem that customers can depend on

Business Growth

Driving business growth by harnessing data and cloud platform innovation and enablement

Agility & Scalability

Remediating and decoupling legacy systems and core applications for improved agility and scale

Environment Controls

Establishing controls to preserve obligatory compliance regulations


Meeting rapidly changing behaviors and expectations of market conditions and clients


What makes our solutions different?

eCloud Managed Solutions understands the unique security, regulatory, and compliance obligations financial services institutions face on a national and global scale. Our commercial amenities, deep industry expertise, and expansive partner network enable innovation and an enhanced personal customer experience.

Access to governance-focused, audit-friendly service features to meet regulations and audit standards leveraging our public cloud providers' platforms.

Analysis of your environment for irregular activity with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to mitigate DDoS attacks.

Adopt infrastructure as code, to create scalable, secure cloud platforms specially designed to complement your organization’s security goals, strategies, and tactics.

Infrastructure and services to elevate security in the public cloud leveraging our reference architecture

eCloud is uniquely designed to assist financial institutions and their ecosystem partners to streamline procurement and onboarding to stimulate increased revenue and reduced time to market. Our portfolio of cloud providers has attained a legion of internationally recognized certifications and accreditations, demonstrating compliance with third-party assurance frameworks, including those that impact most financial services organizations such as PCI-DSS, SEC Rule 17-a-4(f), Reg SCI, EU Data Protection Directive, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171.

Ready to meet rapidly changing behaviors and expectations?

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