Compliant Solutions for Healthcare

Telemedicine solutions for remote patient environments.

Increase security and efficiency with the cloud

Reduces the time and effort required to run existing workloads, and also provides access to powerful new analytics capabilities, all while meeting the security and privacy requirements that you expect.

Healthcare solutions with 120+ HIPAA compliant eligible services

Is data security one of your major concerns?
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What we offer

Fully managed and supported compliant solutions

eCloud offers infrastructure consultancy services that deliver advanced data warehousing capabilities across the health data management lifecycle.


Advanced PHI security, protecting your patient’s privacy and your reputation.


We eliminate barriers to provide secure, compliant, anytime, anywhere access to data, and reporting.


Enable healthcare data interoperability for frictionless data exchange among payers, providers, and healthcare technology companies.


Providing advanced security, high-availability, and significantly reduce management and ongoing support costs.


What makes our solutions different?

Partnering with eCloud you get the power and savings of a native cloud architecture guided by a HIPAA compliant framework with the leading cloud providers worldwide.

Efficiently deliver care

Healthcare providers are dealing with multiple pressures that are impacting the bottom line. eCloud consultancy service helps solve this problem by offering solutions that are pay-as-you-go, with no minimum spend requirements, long-term contracts, or technical lock-in.

Improve security & compliance

By running on a HIPAA compliant framework, you gain access to an environment built for the world’s most secure organizations. In addition, our solutions make security easier by managing over 1800 security controls- so you don’t have to.

Broad cloud-based network

Our vendor-agnostic approach can connect you with the right resources to implement your project. Our long-standing relationships with our partners include technology covering a wide range of applications and offers healthcare software you deploy with one-click.

Healthcare data interoperability

Transform your data into an asset to improve the patient, provider, and member experience across the care continuum and accelerate your transition to value-based care. Secure patient data while enabling frictionless data interoperability and regulatory compliance.

Accelerating value for healthcare providers & payers

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