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Our cloud assessments help guide us in building your proof-of-concept, actual cloud providers, using your applications, operating systems, and your data while not interrupting your production environment. Think of it as the test drive before you buy.

Illuminate application system gaps so you can imagine the possibilities

eCloud is offering complimentary Well-Architected Reviews

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

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We partner with you even before you start your journey. We come alongside you and consult with you on your current asset inventory, application stack dependencies, and develop a true cost analysis by application and workloads before we even propose a suggested migration plan.

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Well-Architected Review

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Knowing is half the battle. If your business is looking to increase security, optimize efficiency, while decreasing your digital debt then it's time for an eCloud WAR. Our WAR process provides your organization with a framework to evaluate new and ever-changing products and services on your cloud platform of choice.

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The Five Pillars of a Well-Architected Reveiw

eCloud is offering complimentary Well-Architected Reviews

What are you waiting for?