Cloud Assessments

With eCloud Managed Solutions hybrid cloud and vendor-agnostic approach, we bring this mindset to our cloud assessments. How do you know which provider is best for you? Which applications and workloads should go to the public cloud, and which should stay in a private cloud? We provide a vendor-agnostic approach and arm you with the data to make an informed decision.

We go beyond cloud assessments and help you POC (proof of concept) cloud providers using your own applications, OS and data while not interrupting production. This unique and cost-effective approach helps you make calculated decisions based on data and results. No more management by the magazine!

  • Asset inventory summary

  • Application stack dependency map

  • Health-check of environment

  • Cost analysis by application, workload and host for multiple providers

  • Workload & Application Tagging – Refactor, Re-platform, Repurchase, Retire, Retain or Rehost

  • Proposed Migration Plan