Fully Governed Private Equity IT Solutions

A granular approach to risk management and assessment to determine opportunity cost and value-driving elements of implementing a cloud-first strategy.

Does your portfolio company suffer from inconsistent deployment?

eCloud excels where other MSPs don’t, enabling outsourced technology services with stringent Disaster Recovery solutions to make automation a competitive advantage for your firm. Ecloud understands that private equity firms need a provider who understands the industry dynamics and knows how to fill the technical gaps

What we offer

Fully capably centralized managed solution

Resource-intensive on-prem operations are functionally deficient and obsolete in corporate backdrops. A partnership with eCloud means a well-implemented reference architecture, or upscaled architecture for increased security, uptime, and reliability.

Full Visibility to Portfolios

Centralized managed services for each portfolio company


Mitigate Risks

Put an end to security gaps with Managed Security and sustained risk analysis


Increase Efficiency

Extract business value by standardizing and enhancing IT management and procedures


Latest Technology

Reclaim legacy systems by leveraging AWS and Azure technologies


Control Costs

Transparent costs and rollup spending by company and portfolio to eliminate dead weight


Integrate with Partners

Be a part of a much bigger ecosystem to find, share, and deliver value collectively.



What makes our solution different?

With a vast network of data centers, cloud platforms, and cloud experts we deliver customized solutions that help you grow today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Increase Accessibility – Extend your digital infrastructure and cloud services anywhere you need to be.

Instantaneous Deployment – Drive competitive advantage— activate your digital edge as a service.

Interconnect Environments – Bring your teams, data, and systems together in previously impossible ways.

Do you have cash flow constraints managing your portfolio? 

Our cloud-based approach helps you monetize your environment at its core, with recurring expenses aligned with your firm’s investment cycles. What’s even better, clients under private equity receive a 5% AWS global discount!

Looking to embrace high availability and flexibility in the cloud?

Contact us to streamline your private equity firm operations.