Migration: A Metaphor for Time

Written by Eric Sanders

February 12, 2021

Part of our February 2021 Cloud Forecast

Don’t be the natural disaster holding you back from reaching your full potential. Adapt and overcome the FUD encompassing cloud migration.

Success is a journey, not a destination. This 2021, how are you remediating your legacy windows? The complexity of migrating legacy applications to the cloud is still a big issue and is increasingly more prevalent as a consequence of remote work. However, remaining stagnant won’t get you anywhere, and as competition continues to thrive where expected, top companies like Microsoft and AWS can validate that the proof is actually in the pudding.

Breaking news: conflict of interest sparks as Microsoft outcompetes AWS and Google numbers, amassing $59.5 billion in revenue for 2020. The secret? Microsoft’s Satya Nadella explains their focus is on what customers see vital today, not the industry-driven models AWS is known for. By evolving with technology on a day-to-day basis, Microsoft explains business must do their part to rapidly move beyond consuming technology and become experts at creating their own instead. Microsoft has been diligent in its mission, pushing the envelope to further promote the capabilities of the PaaS and SaaS cloud layers, giving them a comparative advantage over Amazon.

While we’re mentioning the top cloud providers, we also want to remind you of Amazon’s foreman of cloud computing, Andy Jassy, and his promotion to Amazon CEO as Bezos steps down. What relevance does this hold from a cloud perspective? Jassy’s promotion underscores the importance of Web Services to Amazon’s future, which opens the doors to a wealth of potential for the cloud.

For those confused with where to start, concerned about the migration process disrupting mission-critical applications, or simply don’t have the internal IT proficiency to manage a platform, know that:

  1. Cloud migration is a journey and doesn’t happen overnight. While many have FUD about moving to the cloud, careful planning and execution with the right tooling can go a long way.
  2. While the cloud isn’t the least expensive alternative, it’s your best option for a highly concentrated environment that’s managed by an MSP like eCloud in the backend
  3. The cloud migration services market is expected to grow due to an influx of remote workers and a general lack of IT competency. Get a head start and shift your data warehouse to a fully digitized, scalable environment.

By getting started with our cloud readiness assessment, you’re setting sails for a future of optimized workloads and visibly blue skies for years on end. Cloud services are a hot topic these days. Get a head start and make ends meet by scheduling a free consultation with us below.

Author: Eric Sanders, Managing Partner


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