What is Workspace Monitoring & Response (WMR)?

Written by Eric Sanders

November 10, 2020

Are you in charge of a large team needing constant direct, visual supervision?

Having a remote workforce can bring about a myriad of different issues including productivity, engagement, and even regulatory compliance.  For a remote work environment to be successful, you and your team need constant direct visual supervision and collaboration. The best way to ensure productivity, engagement, and regulatory compliance is by having a WMR system in place.

What is Workspace Monitoring & Response (WMR)?

WMR, which stands for Workspace Monitoring & Response, is a unique solution provided by our partner Trendzact, which detects and identifies the security threats to an organization and responds to them.

The response can be to eliminate, investigate, or contain the threats being posed to your organization. The need for WMR solutions is continuously on the rise, and the number of organizations demanding WMR services will grow exponentially. 

In this new digital age of managing a remote workforce using all the cloud has to offer can help your organization eliminate these threats and set your team up for ongoing success.  

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Author: Aimee Sanders, CEO 


Moving to a Managed Cloud approach saves you time and money by taking you out of the hosting and maintenance business, freeing your resources for high-impact initiatives.

Save Time
Have time to do what needs to be done to grow your organization.

Save Money
Become more efficient and reduce TCO with an optimized environment.

Have Confidence
Know that your technology foundation is solid with a certified partner.

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