We’re Heating Up

Written by Eric Sanders

February 12, 2021

Part of our February 2021 Cloud Forecast

Another heatwave and soaring temperatures to observe as eCloud successfully consolidates the platform of CSP Technologies, aka Shop Boss, a web-based automotive shop management software that provides cost-effective solutions to improve the efficacy of businesses through managed systems. Before consulting eCloud for managed support, Category 5 hurricanes loomed over their interior as frequent outages and poor support plagued their infrastructure. They were running in LiquidWeb and experiences frequent outages and poor stability. The company was inhibited through the strain of their existing environment and needed help increasing their efficiency. Shop Boss, a familiar face to eCloud, initially engaged us to add capacity to their web application servers and correct complaints of high latency on their website. This time around, our cloud expertise partnered with Shop Boss to assist in conducting an architecture overview of their SQL Server environment fabricated a refined framework, and discussed our managed support via AWS. Ultimately, Shop Boss selected eCloud and AWS and was able to reduce their latency by 85%. What was a brief tropical storm quickly turned into sunny skies and mild temperatures for Shop Boss, as they recently leveraged AWS with the help of eCloud’s managed support.  

View our Shop Boss Case Study

But wait! There’s more …

Recently, our coalition with Carolina Biological, a traditional MSFT shop, took effect on January 4th. Prior to contacting us, they were running some workloads in Microsoft’s Azure. When it came to their website that has an Oracle database for eCommerce, Carolina Biological engaged eCloud for AWS Migration Service to move mission-critical applications from Azure hosting to AWS. They initially contacted us for price comparison, to which we responded with an in-depth technical review, pricing, and compatibility with Oracle on RDS. We deployed Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS), a solution that simplifies database management, operation, and deployment via automation, permitting companies to scale their business across a global footprint of data centers. Through RDS, they were able to work from the relational database engine of their choice, providing a means for flexibility through a cost-efficient pay-as-you-go pricing model. 

Carolina Biological Case Study Coming Soon.

Author: Eric Sanders, Managing Partner


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