Top 5 things to consider about efficiency and cost optimization of your cloud environment.

Written by Eric Sanders

December 7, 2020

Don’t stress about your cloud budget for 2021. Start with cost optimization which looks into these 5 key areas.

  1. Security Monitoring and Alerting
    Advanced alerting and cloud governance allow you to navigate the cloud with clarity and confidence. We provide regular posture reviews for customers concerned with their security vulnerability to mitigate and manage risks. A compliant cloud platform, eCloud also offers Security Best Practices with 500+ critical security practice checks and alerts.

  2. Cost Predictability
    Control your cloud costs and keep your expenses in check with monthly invoicing every 30 days. Monitored billing responsibilities with detailed billing analytics allows for more flexibility, so you can drive projects forward and meet timely business objectives.

  3. Inventory Management
    Our cloud inventory management system tracks your assets and manages your inventory in real-time to increase capital efficiency. Automated deployment processes and best practices will identify unused reserved resources to find the best prices for your unique environment.

  4. Monthly Invoicing
    Lowering your expenditures begins with predictable payment methods by a trusted cloud advisor. Monthly invoicing with 30-day terms allows for greater flexibility in a scalable domain. We partner with you to give you an enhanced cloud experience, hence our month to a monthly agreement and no unnecessary upfront costs.

  5. Mitigate Risk
    Application-centric dependency grouping reduces the risk of vendor lock-in and lost data. Total transparency of your assets and operations allows for better protection for a better, faster, and stronger platform.

Author: Aimee Sanders, CEO 


To optimize your environment with more security and agility

Save Time
Have time to do what needs to be done to grow your organization.

Save Money
Become more efficient and reduce TCO with an optimized environment.

Have Confidence
Know that your technology foundation is solid with a certified partner.

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