Four Cloud Service Myths Holding Health and Human Service Agencies Back

Written by Eric Sanders

September 4, 2020

State Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies are under continual pressure to improve efficiencies and outcomes for those they serve. Agencies have a legacy of deploying complex, monolithic systems that are aging and now difficult and costly to maintain.

While cloud services can be a powerful antidote to enterprise technology issues, misperceptions about them sometimes prevent public sector agencies from adopting these solutions.

Four Cloud Service Myths 

The cloud is less secure than onsite data centers.

Cloud-based solutions limit customization options.

Cloud solutions make sharing data with other states and agencies more difficult.

We don’t have the staff expertise to move to the cloud.

Don’t believe in these four cloud service myths. Cloud-based solutions represent the next evolution of healthcare and the public sector.  By improving client outcomes and making experiences better for citizens and employees alike, cloud solutions can help transform HHS agencies’ legacy technology infrastructure.

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