Don’t wait for disaster to strike! Sustain Today, Thrive Tomorrow.

Written by Eric Sanders

January 14, 2021

Part of our January 2021 Cloud Forecast

While we’ve seen too many lightning strikes when it comes to the digital transformation journey, not having a disaster recovery shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you’re away on vacation, peak season for your business, or just caught off guard, here’s the latest in disaster recovery circling the news. Don’t wait for disaster to strike!

Tier 3 earthquakes on this month’s forecast as groundbreaking news from the Nashville bombing exploits the security vulnerabilities of the many companies affected. 

In an unfortunate series of events, Christmas Day yielded the tragic story of vulnerability exploitation in the telecommunications system that affected Tennessee and parts of the Southeast. The attack left more than shattered concrete in the streets; disaster struck as 911 call centers, government offices, hospitals, and individual mobile users were all heavily affected by the explosion. The impact lasted several days

T-Mobile also suffered its fourth data breach in the past three years, evidence that even amateur companies are often violated without remorse. Though no financial information was exposed, hackers reportedly stretched as far as call-related information and customer phone numbers.

Something’s got to give. Where are you when your critical infrastructure sites are left defenseless? Ensuring the resiliency of your data after malicious attacks is all-important in the cloud, as cloud-based infrastructures already lack visibility. Point is, you need to have a good backup solution installed ahead of time. Even if there is a breach, you’d want to point to a secondary environment to help mitigate the risk. 

Author: Eric Sanders, Managing Partner


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