Healthcare – Hybrid Cloud with AWS OutPosts

Written by Eric Sanders

January 27, 2020

Healthcare with AWS OutPosts

The medical industry has been experiencing a paradigm shift, focusing on putting the patient at the center of care and delivering precision healthcare from diagnosis to treatment to wellness. This focus on value will lower costs for patients and, in many cases, is incentivized by the government and insurance companies, encouraging healthcare providers to get and keep their patients healthy.  The rise of electronic health records and innovations in medical diagnostics is giving doctors and research access to critical information that can significantly improve health outcomes for patients while extracting insight from that data quickly to provide speedy individualized care without overrunning budgets.

Healthcare providers want to focus on providing quality care, not worrying about managing and monitoring IT solutions. Many providers and research facilities have modernized applications in the cloud to capitalize on the rapid pace of innovation, elastic scalability, and robust security. The unprecedented breadth of cloud technologies has driven many advancements, and its potential for use in developing innovative new therapies is enormous.

What is holding back hospitals and healthcare systems today?  Many medical software solution providers and clinics are innovating in the cloud, however, their on-premises environments tend to lag the cloud in innovation. This lag in modernizing these applications holds back the hospitals and healthcare systems and drives dependency to on-premise infrastructure, making it difficult to leverage emerging technologies that include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics seamlessly, in order to develop new applications for their on-premises use cases could allow providers to offer even greater value to the patient. There is significant overhead in implementing these modernization initiatives which takes time and careful planning in migrating to the public cloud.

AWS Outposts provides healthcare organizations with the same infrastructure and operating model on-premises that they rely upon in the public cloud. It delivers the same AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools that run in the Amazon Cloud to virtually any on-premises or colocation facility. Customers can choose from a variety of Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) instance types and Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) storage options best suited for their applications. eCloud strongly recommends that a cloud readiness assessment be conducted to understand application dependency mapping, health check of your environment, network impact, performance metrics by application and to allow migration planning of critical workloads.  From here, we can determine your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) requirements on-premises and run some AWS services locally on AWS Outposts or connect to a broad range of services available in the local AWS Region. We can use the same AWS tools and security controls to run, manage, and secure applications on-premises and in the cloud leveraging the AWS HIPAA compliant framework.

Through eCloud, we can leverage the different programs available to healthcare clients and reduce your out of pocket costs.  We offer Healthcare on AWS Immersion Days that we can conduct on sight, or at a location convenient for you.  We look at HIPAA compliance and beyond.  Contact us at [email protected] to get started on your cloud journey!  We didn’t create the cloud, we make it better.

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