eCloud Committed to Saving $1M for Small Businesses

Written by Eric Sanders

April 2, 2020

eCloud Committed to Saving $1M for Businesses Running in AWS Amid Economic Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cast a dark cloud on the U.S. economy companies are looking at ways to decrease cost while maintaining business continuity. Business owners running in AWS have increased uncertainty right now and their AWS bill may seem high.

Companies are potentially bleeding customers and revenue by the day and we want to help these businesses with our expertise in saving customers millions of dollars on their AWS bill.

eCloud specializes in AWS and providing Well Architected Reviews along with cost-saving measures that save on average at least 30% on AWS spend. eCloud has found itself serving as an “AWS bill relief organization” during this crisis.

We are here to serve the community as a trusted advisor during this unprecedented time. We are here to serve not sell you during these challenging times to help you identify dependent solutions based on your need not on the cascade of events to follow.

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