5 Ways for Government CIOs to Optimize Cloud Deployment

Written by Eric Sanders

August 27, 2020

Understanding what IT functions and areas should be considered first for the cloud is paramount when it comes to adoption.   With uptime, security, and reliability being fundamental, disaster recovery with backup and restore are great places to start with a cloud discussion.

In 2020, the worldwide public cloud services market will grow by 17%, according to Gartner. The expected $266.4 billion increase, up by 10% from 2019, continues to spur the adoption of the public could. Yet, many national and regional governments and agencies remain in the adoption or policymaking phase.

  1. Create a policy, strategy and adoption plan
  2. Establish a cloud center of excellence
  3. Build essential skills
  4. Expand SaaS use
  5. Increase the adoption of cloud policy across the enterprise

Check out the full article from Gartner

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