eCloud and Techdata at Home Webcast

The importance of SecureVideo in Telehealth

Learn the importance of HIPAA compliant video conferencing that can meet the complex workflows of any hospital/health care system.

In this webcast, we will cover

eCloud Overview

How eCloud, an APN partner, is solving telemedicine problems.

Introduction to Telemedicine

5 reasons providers look to Telehealth and the grants available.

SecureVideo Overview

Specific healthcare-specific workflows and compliance features.


Easiest to demo and fasted to deploy in the industry.

Funding and Grants

Government programs and funding options.

Our Sponsors and Partners

eCloud Managed Solutions is a minority-owned business that was founded on the fundamental belief that customers will need guidance by a trusted advisor and expert resources navigating the cloud, manage services, and telecom solution providers. We didn't create the cloud, we just make it better.

Secure Video

SecureVideo is the most reliable HIPAA compliant telehealth platform available and can be customized to fit any use case and workflow. Common use cases include Hospitals, Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, Universities, and more.

Enjoy the webcast!