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When your talent needs to align with technology adoption

Is your team hybrid cloud-ready?

Businesses are having problems innovating because their technology roadmap does not align with the skillset and mindset of their IT team.

We ensure that your talent and skillset are aligned with your technology changes which result in the future innovations that help differentiate and grow your business.

How ready are you?

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Readiness is more than just technology...it's also about talent

While eCloud Managed Solutions assesses and architects your cloud strategy, we also develop your Talent Solutions Plan. It is the talent roadmap to match the technology changes and innovation that you need to differentiate.
Think of it as future-proofing your IT, so you are ready for the technology of tomorrow.

What We Offer


Your culture, work styles, and skillsets are analyzed and mapped against current and future needs to deliver a Talent Roadmap to you.

Skills Expansion

We can help you find and deliver baseline skills according to your priorities, including training and certifications for AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Executive Coaching

A helping hand on leading change during integrations or pre- or post-Cloud migration.


We find talent to join your team based on experience, work styles demanded by your culture and specific skillsets.

Top companies trust us to drive innovation with the right talent.

We are a large chemical company looking at moving to the public cloud. As much as we are concerned at how ready we are from an application and workload standpoint, how ready are we from a people and skillset standpoint? This is why we engaged eCloud Managed Solutions to assist us in all aspects of our cloud assessment, migration, buildout, and operational support model. CIO - Celanese
ecloud talent solutions

Talent is more than just competency

Talent is Mindset + Skillset

We take a holistic approach because talent is more than technical skills. As cloud experts, we know the skills you need to support your technology vision. We will be there with you, as your technology evolves, and with it, the skillsets of those who support it.

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