Microsoft Workloads on AWS

eCloud helps customers build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications and workloads easily, in a secure manner with our in-house expertise. We help customers optimize infrastructure and scale quickly in the most cost-effectively manner.

With AWS we provide a cloud platform that helps run all Microsoft applications including SharePoint, Dynamics, SQL, and Exchange.  We will help you get AWS migration credits to help lessen the burden in migrating to the public cloud.

We design infrastructure in a more secure environment and ensure high-performance & availability.

eCloud helps customers manage Database services running Microsoft SQL server on Relational Database service for building business applications. We manage Databases on Windows EC2 servers when a flexible and agile platform is required which can be integrated with various third-party applications for accelerating development cycles. We will help you to implement, manage and plan your cloud migration and deployment to maximize your benefits including agility, security and cost efficiency.


  • Pro-active monitoring of the complete infrastructure of end-to-end solutions.
  • Get performance reports, historic and current incident tickets details, change requests and other details that impact the service.
  • Email Security solutions that will block web threats such as phishing and wailing.
  • Archiving, Compliance and Continuity services.
  • Leverage AWS Systems Manager to help provide insights of resources in terms of patches, updates, and configuration, helping with security and compliance needs.
  • Leverage AWS Systems Manager for security patching of servers.
  • Administrator’s access to customer infrastructure and services is controlled by IAM policies, with audit trails and log in reporting leveraging AWS CloudTrail.
  • SSL/TLS is enabled for any web application (booking engine).
  • Scheduling and Maintaining frequent backup and snapshots of the entire infrastructure.
  • EC2 Instances will be chosen for the best price and performance benefits.

Why Windows Workloads with eCloud

eCloud combines the AWS expertise with years of experience with Microsoft solutions. We use our expertise in building integrated Microsoft solutions running on AWS platform for the customers. We offer automation of Microsoft deployments on AWS and we also manage the enterprise migrations from legacy infrastructure taking care of the complexity involved. With the association of global infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, eCloud can help you easily operate your Microsoft Enterprise Applications and Databases in AWS. With eCloud we ensure to follow AWS best practices, recommended well architected framework and security compliance needs to operate and manage these applications on your behalf.

  • AWS Expertise to manage cloud deployments, migrations and much more.
  • Easily Manage your Windows Server Applications.
  • Enhance the Security aspect of your Applications.
  • Reduce Costs Associated with your Microsoft Applications
  • Benefit from AWS Tooling for S3, EC2, Auto Scaling Groups, Lambda, .NET & CodeDeploy
  • World Class Standards End-to-End, 24/7, day 2 managed services for your business.