Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Assessment & Roadmap

A Cloud Assessment identifies your organizational requirements for security, functionality, process changes, workload readiness and fit, application rationalization, network and financial impact. Once the data and requirements are gathered and compiled, your Cloud Roadmap will serve as a map for your journey to the cloud. Need help figuring out your cloud workloads and resources required? Schedule a Cloud Workload Workshop to get a workload-focused training session with the Cloud experts.

Architecture Design

Our Cloud Architecture Design leverages our proven reference architectures for the public cloud. We make sure you can maintain your standards, controls, availability, and performance requirements while also staying within your forecasted spend. Need help building the right VPC to ensure security? Schedule a VPC Kick Start and start using the Public Cloud to accelerate the adoption of your cloud strategy.

Cloud Migration

eCloud Managed Solutions Cloud Factory automates and monitors the conversion process for your Public Cloud migration, so you can quickly and accurately migrate your workloads to the public cloud.  We fully managed the migration on your behalf, allowing you to focus on continuing to enable your business.


eCloud Managed Solutions Enablement Services offers a range of security assessments, strategies, services and tools to protect your crucial data. We implement highly-secure access, managed firewalls, establish Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls, leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA), private subnets through Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), patching, and encrypt data as well as much more for your workloads. Additional managed security services for highly-compliant workloads are offered such as, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, identity and log management.


eCloud Managed Solutions Managed Cloud is more than cloud managed services – it will run workloads that require a high-level of required compliance. We ensure the workloads that require HIPAA, SOC2, FEDRAMP, or PCI are secure and compliant in the public cloud 24×7 with real-time alerting and reporting.  We provide dashboards and custom reporting to allow you to make informed decisions at a moments notice.

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

With our Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), we will implement processes & procedures for requesting, designing,  budgeting, deploying, ongoing maintenance and spend management in the public cloud.  We will develop and customize a CCoE for your organization.

Federated Governance

Federated Governance defines and implements automation that extends your central IT governance policies, standards, and controls to the public cloud.

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

eCloud Managed Solutions Cloud Consulting Services can shift your Microsoft Workloads to AWS. Need help figuring out your cloud workloads? Schedule a Microsoft Workload  on AWS Workshop to get a Microsoft workload-focused training session on AWS with the experts.


eCloud Managed Solutions has you covered. We deliver a healthcare and with a 120+ HIPAA compliant eligible services guided by a HIPAA compliant framework with the leading cloud providers worldwide.