Helping the Public Sector Serve their Community Better

Delivering the freedom to build mission-critical applications in a more efficient and cost effetive manner, with strengthened security enables government and public sector organisations to do more within constrained budgets. We help migrating legacy workloads and applications to the cloud freeing up budgetary issues to tackle transformative new projects and programs.

Cost-effective Cloud Solutions that Offer Flexibility to Scale Environments Easily

Providing migration, storage, networking, security, compliance, and data analytics to make the most of the right solutions for any budget.

Higher Education

Higher Education Solutions

  • Campus physical security
  • Cloud and data center management
  • Cybersecurity

State & Local Government

State & Local Government

  • Digital resources sharing
  • Emergency operations
  • Government cloud compliance
  • Interagency cybersecurity
  • Energy & environment


K-12 Solutions

  • Personalized learning
  • Digital classroom
  • Professional development
  • Mobility and security